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An Anti-Bullying Movie Short- “Malicious Attack”

Malicious Attack is a 30 minute dramatic film about bullying in a high school.  The story follows teen “Naomi Spencer” (Katie Ostojic) who is pushed to her limits by  the school bully and popular girl “Savannah White” (Elina Lattanzio). Savannah makes Naomi the target of her endless attacks. Till Naomi is pushed to her breaking point.  The film features a large teenage / young adult cast including; Morgan Flanagan, Marley Cabral, Helena Rose, Dina Jasim, Emma Willsie, Aaliyah Paul, Ian James Smith, Tiandra Edwards, Max Steinberg, Serena Webber, Anna Faklan and Zachary Wilson.

"Tuned In"

Tuned In is an award winning film. It features award winning actress Marley Cabral who plays Emma, a teenager who disobeys dinner table rules of her parents by having her cell phone at the table, gets grounded until she learns to get her priorities straight and learns the value of relationships. Marley has won five “Best Actress” awards.

Today's Youth Working with Seniors

It's really incredible to watch today's youth working with seniors. Over 300 young people working on our movie sets; some as actors, some as crew members. Some caught the acting bug through theatre, at their school. It's not about the movies and the awards... it's about the relationship between youth and seniors and the benefits they gain from each other.

It's amazing to see these young people develop a passion for learning skills and life perspectives from seniors. You can actually see them discover a new part of themselves and how they embrace what they thought was an unreachable goal.

Don Hickey
iFilmGroup Community Engagement Manager

See Some Comments From Actors & Parents Below (Production Team included)

I learned a lot from being a part of these films. Being on set shows you all the behind the scene things that go on in making a movie. It was very exciting and lots of fun.


Being part of these films with the production team has helped me to improve my acting skills so much. I am very thankful to have been a part of these two productions and my chance to work with this Production Team. I can’t wait to take these experiences into the near future. Lots of thanks to the whole Production Team. I hope to work with them again in the future.

pic of youth Aaliyah Paul

Thank you to the Production Team for creating this opportunity for community involvement. It truly takes a village!

Melissa Cowell
Mother of Kyra Ramos

Melissa Cowell

Your community of all ages gives teenagers a sense of self-worth and an opportunity to engage with other age groups. In addition to social skills, the teenage actors improve their self-awareness, self-regulation, motivational tools, and ability to feel empathy: all aspects of developing emotional intelligence which is so important to becoming confident leaders of tomorrow.
With much gratitude for the work you do.

Dr. Leah Skory, MD

I find that everyday on set is fun and exciting. I’m always learning new things and I’m never afraid to ask questions as they are quick to answer all the questions I have.


In a society where so many things are vying for the attention of our young people, we’re thankful as parents for this amazing film making team so close to home!

Peter Wilson

Matthew is very approachable and truly caring as he takes the time to explain his vision with every cast and crew member. Matthew truly is a mentor for our youth.

Mary Ellen Herder

I thank the Production Team for giving me an opportunity to get a start and to be a part of these films on my journey within the media industry. They were a spring board into bigger projects that I have moved onto.


The vibe and atmosphere on the sets was incredible. Everyone worked hard and supported each other. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to be part of this industry. I’ve become more confident and creative, and I’m excited to see what the future holds!

Zachary Wilson

Working on these films has been such an amazing experience where I learned a lot. I am so glad I have joined this group of people to work with because they are so kind, supportive, and hardworking.


The actors and crew who were older, (like my grandparents), were really kind and they taught me lots about the acting world. I also had an opportunity to develop some leadership skills when helping out with the younger children.


Everyone is willing to help everyone, and I have been so blessed to be a part of such a unique opportunity.


I’m excited for the future with these new more serious roles on the horizon with both Don Hickey and Matthew Marshall, and I could never have gotten into such a happy and fulfilling place in my life right now without this little local filming world.

image of actor
Helen Rose

I landed three roles in three different productions through iFilmGroup.

Pic of youth actor

As an aspiring actor I love that there are directors, writers, producers, Matthew and Don Hickey so close to home making award winning movies; that I have the honour of being a part of.


Most importantly, the version of me that may not exist in a few years will always live in the moments captured onscreen. I will always be able to visit her. I have had the opportunity to live forever.


Come join us in growing in film production!

Photo of movie director Matthew Marshall
Matthew Marshall

I encourage people interested in acting and crew to be a part of this team. There is so much you can learn working with them.

Marley Cabral

It’s really gratifying to be part of someone’s life and watch them learn, grow, and get passionate with their work.

photo of Don Hickey of iFilmGroup.org
Don Hickey


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Multi-generational relationship building and  mentoring.

Our vision is to network the different generations of skills and talents as the different generations transition the journey of life. We have a good solid inter-generational film and crew workshop program with youth and seniors making award winning films. Life skills are developed that enrich all ages.

Learning and teaching… sharing values between the age generations.

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