Inter-Generational Film Group

Bringing Youth & Seniors together
to make award winning films.


Don Hickey is the Community Engagement Manager
on behalf of

M&S Marshall Productions,   Splash Pad Media Productions,   Helena Rose Acting Coach Services
shooting in the southwestern Ontario, Canada region.

We need your sponsorship & support
to continue with Seniors and 300 Youth earning film awards.

Over 87 Awards, 38 Official Selections, 7 Official Nominations, 3 Official Finalist Awards and 2 Official Semi Finalist Awards
at Festivals around the world.


For your financial sponsorship  we can give you a "mention in the movie credits", depending on the amount donated.

Films in post-production looking for financial support
"Malicious Attack" and "Struggles Within"

Films in pre-production looking for financial support
"Blue Love" and "Not Ready"
These films are in our starting 2018 Line-up
Please contact us for more information via our e-Mail address (located on our Contact page).
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We have good solid multi-generational programs for all ages.

None of our crew or actors are paid.

We want to continue to do this work, but we need funds to continue. All donations go directly to support our productions... for costumes, make-up, back-drops, props, equipment and transportation to/from sets.

We need your help to continue.
It's really incredible to watch today's youth working with seniors. Over 300 young people working on our movie sets; some as actors, some as crew members. Some caught the acting bug through theatre, at their school. It's not about the movies and the awards... it's about the relationship between youth and seniors and the benefits they gain from each other.

It's amazing to see these young people develop a passion for learning skills and life perspectives from seniors. You can actually see them discover a new part of themselves and how they embrace what they thought was an unreachable goal.

Don Hickey
Community Engagement Manager

Seniors and Youth Working Together!

Currently in post production

"Malicious Attack" an Anti-bullying Movie now in Post-production

Community Engagement Manager

Don Hickey is a senior, but his philosophy is helping young people. Over the past 25 years he has helped young people achieve their goals in the arts - photography, printing and film. He's "paying it forward" for so many reasons.

Don's networking abilities have astounded many people that have worked with him. The production companies that work with Don are amazed by his drive. He is a long standing member of the Kent Writers' Guild.

Accolades to Don Hickey
by Sara Froese

by Seyyed M. Hesabgar
Researcher in Bio-medical field (UWO)

by Sina Kazemian
Researcher at Western University

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Fund Raising Accomplishments
Don Hickey [et al] has raised over
$1.3 Million dollars
since 1993 for non-profit.
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Don Hickey's Biography

Fanshawe Student Aaron Kramers with Don Hickey
Fanshawe Student Aaron Kramers with Don Hickey
Don Hickey with young actor on set.
Don Hickey with young actor on set.


Recognizing Great Potential

Don's reward is seeing people grow and witnessing their achievements enriching them beyond their own expectations.

It's really gratifying to be part of someone's life and watch them learn, grow, and get passionate with their work.

Don's Connected

Don has connections through years of continuous networking. Some days you'll see Don talking with undergrads at Western University of Ontario (UWO). Many of these students have shared with Don valuable resources for script development.

Students from Fanshawe College, London, Ontario have engaged through Don's networking positions as crew members in film productions.