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I love connecting with people. But I really love watching young people grow and discover what they thought was unimaginable for them. I have witnessed this same process with adults and seniors working with us.

I love watching youth working and developing their skills with seniors. The seniors themselves get teary eyed as they engage with the youth. It's like a re-newed hope has entered their hearts... the hope is for these beautiful young people. For the awaiting future for these young people have been mindful in the eyes of the seniors sharing with them.

It's not only the film crew and actors that get excited working with us, even our financial supporters and contributors of locations to shoot have enjoyed our team work.

Film work is very exciting, from writing, to the finished filmed product. Even after the film is finished, more work is done to promote and present the film in festivals. It's always an awesome feeling when the film or individuals wins awards.

Awesome people, awesome time well spent!

Thank you to our financial supporters and all writers, crew members and actors and parents. Another thanks to contributors of locations, lunches or dinners and treats for us. We are also thankful for the hydro, tents and transportation freely supplied.

Thanks to the members of the Press.

And a special thanks to our youth... you make us seniors proud and we feel young again!

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Biography of Don Hickey

Don has  a lively past in a few trades. As a child he was a model for Hush Puppies shoes, working out of the C.B.C. building near Rosedale Avenue and Yonge Street in Toronto. As a teenager, he took up graphic arts. His first job after school found him heading up a full graphics department with M.S.S.B. in Toronto. Within two years, a head hunter found Don and guaranteed him a foreman position with a large specialized printing company from Montreal during the mid 1970's.

Don had always wanted to venture into broadcast or a movie career. In 1976 he quit working for privately owned companies. He promised himself that he would one day own his own production company. In 1976 he switched trades and began working in a totally different trade that was connected to municipal government. In 1977 Don did some voice-over work in Toronto at Metro 1430, CJCL Am Radio. Also in 1977 he wrote, directed/filmed and voiced "safety training film strips" for municipal government. With investments, in 1989 he bought out a Dutch printing and publishing company in southwestern Ontario.

In the mid 1990's he began volunteer work with three organizations. One especially he liked... "Heritage Days". Canada's largest 1812 Military re-enactment. This was held every first week-end in October. Friday was "student days", where school systems would bus in many students to par-take in the acting. Students that were actors studied weeks before their part and most made their own costumes. On Saturday & Sunday the gates were opened to the public for all to see the billing of "Faire at the Forks".

It is during these days that he started his writing career and joined a writer's guild. It is here that he knew that many youth had great acting talents and it should be mined. Sadly the Faire closed after 16 years (1992 - 2008). Don wanted to tap into the talents of the many youth that passed that way in making their own acting history. So with some young children & teenagers from the Heritage Days venue he started a specialized production company under his own name.

Some of youth from the past are now adults with children of their own. Babies that were actors during those Heritage Days are now young actors in award winning movies produced by Donald Michael Hickey and his associates. ■

Don Hickey is a senior, but his philosophy is helping young people. Over the past 25 years he has helped young people achieve their goals in the arts - photography, printing and film. He's "paying it forward" for so many reasons.

Don's networking abilities have astounded many people that have worked with him. The production companies that work with Don are amazed by his drive. He is a long standing member of the Kent Writers' Guild.

Accolades to Don Hickey
by Sara Froese

by Seyyed M. Hesabgar
Researcher in Bio-medical field (UWO)

by Sina Kazemian
Researcher at Western University

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Fund Raising Accomplishments
Don Hickey [et al] has raised over
$1.3 Million dollars
since 1993 for non-profit.
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